The Value Of Design On Your Business

In the business world, when talking about design, there are two types of businesspeople: those who understand the value that design has on their business, and those who don’t. It has become a standard for a business to have a logo to represent it in the market. This is usually the first thing that an entrepreneur looking to start a business does …

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Aser Kanyiki | Internal
In Branding, Design

Do you have a business strategy….?

How would you define strategy? It’s safe to say it doesn’t take a genius to understand it to mean ‘planning.’ There are various types of planning. There’s the type that is entirely made by thoughts. e.g When going for glossary shopping, chances are all your plans regarding this activity are internalized. And then there’s the kind where you actually…

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Great strategy: what you need to know

This is part two of the topic related to strategy. In the first part, we gave a brief definition of what strategy is in the most fundamental sense and understood it to mean planning. In order to plan, however, there are so many elements that have to be understood and employed to help guide the business through the execution process Before starting a business…

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